Gabrielle & Adam

Thank you so much, Kimmy!

I called Kimmy and told her I was recently engaged and looking for a wedding planner. She insisted that we meet in person and not speak over the phone. Without even knowing if I was going to use her as my planner, Kimmy met with me that afternoon and spoke with me for over three hours. It was obvious that Kimmy is very experienced, but what stood out was how caring she is. While planning my wedding over the following four months, she was so patient (I am the most indecisive person), calm (I was a bit of a bridezilla), and informative (if you want to know anything, just ask her). Kimmy had my back; she made sure my opinion did not get lost and that I got what I wanted. On my wedding day, Kimmy was there to take care of my puppy when he broke a candle during the ceremony and to wash mud off my wedding dress in the shower. After my wedding, she still checks in. I am so thankful for everything Kimmy did to make my wedding so special.

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