Krystal and Lasse

Kimmy is by far and away the, number one, premier wedding planner of Jamaica. And can I just say that I am a VERY particular person lol.

Top 3 reasons why she is an excellent partner for your wedding planning:

1. My word, the woman is EFFICIENT. Let's face it, this is the number or quality you need in a planner and a very hard quality to find - especially in Jamaica - let's get real here lol. I have mild OCD and I never want to let things go because I want them to be done on time and done well. Kimmy is one of the only people I have felt comfortable letting such important things go with, with no worry at all. This is really important because if you can find someone you can trust to get stuff done, it means you can, let go, with peace of mind and have a whole bunch of mental space to focus on what's really important, which is enjoying these once in a life time moments.

2. She is doing what she loves to do. When you work with someone who is connected to their job on a really deep purposeful level, the quality of work you get from that person far exceeds anything else. She goes above and beyond, like way above and beyond, because she loves what she is doing. That is a rare thing to find.

3. She is a kind hearted counsellor. Weddings are emotional, and a lot of emotional unexpected issues come up. Kimmy is not only good at this, she's made for this. You feel understood, supported and when you're ready for advice she is the best guide through tricky emotional circumstances. You get a bonus wedding shrink with Kimmy - which trust me you are going to need at many points in the process.

If I got married again, full well knowing the insane amount of things that go into planning a wedding, there is no other wedding planner than her that I would want to work with. Thank you Kimmy. My wedding was perfect