Leah and Krishna

There are a few phrases that come to mind when I reflect on my experience with Kimberly – ‘attention to detail’, ‘time-lines’ and ‘chronological lists’.

When Krishna and I got engaged and we start planning our special day, there was no doubt in either of our minds as we welcomed Kimberly on-board as our Wedding Coordinator. While Kimberly had to straddle the role of friend and coordinator, we can gladly say we made the best decision.

As I sit to write this testimonial, I realize that with her in charge, I truly let it all go and enjoyed every moment of the day.

I knew from the very beginning, I needed someone who could not only manage all the moving parts and truly pay attention to the small details that distinguish your day apart from others. Krishna and I were definitely intent on creating a day that wasn’t an event, but a celebration of our journey together – and with our team of providers, led by Kimberly, that is what truly happened.

I now have a true appreciation of the time invested by her, as well as the need for that chronological list of the day’s running order. This list helped keep all the moving parts running and I’m sure helped give some leeway for ‘murphy’ on the day.

So to the couples looking for someone who can get that team on their toes and pull it all together for you – the choice is clear – that’s Kimberly!