There’s no better job than the one you want to do; the one you were born to do; the one you are passionate about ~ For me that’s Wedding Planning.


The Facts


My Story

10 years in the classroom as a former educator has taught me many skills. I see every detail, listen well, communicate clearly, problem solve resourcefully, manage and nurture many different personalities and multi-task like you wouldn’t believe.

I Promise

To be there for you; to be the invisible hand that organizes each ‘first’ : the first time you see each other - your first kiss - your first dance — every memorable moment. So, while you focus on each of the firsts, I will focus on the details. I will be your confidante, the person to ensure that your day unfolds as perfectly as possible.

Trust in Me

To make your Wedding Day a story you will tell with joy for the rest of your life. I am honoured and humbled that you have considered me to help make your dream wedding come true. Together we will plan an amazing celebration filled with love, laughter, family, and friends.




Our entire team at I do Islands, believe in giving back. We acknowledge that we are our brother's keeper and we have chosen two charities that are close to our hearts, those with no voice who often times get forgotten - children and animals.


I do Islands has been a long-standing partner and supporter of iCann HELP Learning Centre.

iCann HELP Learning Centre is a special needs institution founded by principal Rachael Cann. Cann’s goal is to provide a first class educational experience to individuals with Special Needs in Kingston, and lend support to their families.

Cann is a Special Education Teacher and Autism Specialist. She believes in creating a non-restrictive learning environment that facilitates functional education. Cann is passionate about preparing her students for a life that is as fulfilling, happy and self-sufficient as possible.

For more information about iCann HELP Learning Centre, you may visit their website here:


I do Islands are huge supporters of local animal rescue initiatives. We currently sponsor the Montego Bay Animal Haven – a non-profit animal rescue based in  St. James, Jamaica. “Montego Bay Animal Haven was founded in 2009 to raise awareness of the plight of stray and abandoned animals and to try to tackle the problem in north-west Jamaica.  Since 10th January 2019 [the sister group] Angela’s Army of Angels has also been looking out for strays in Kingston.”

“As a registered non-profit organization, [they] rely completely on donations, both of time and money.  Every little bit helps. The Haven currently operates from a private home, a situation which is far from ideal, but [they] now have a farm location, which allows [them] to help more varieties of animals.

“One of [their] main drives is to educate people and spread compassion for themselves and others, so that we can return to a sense of community and family.  One of the best ways to do this is to reconnect with the animals."

For each confirmed wedding, I do Islands makes a donation to MBAH. If you would like to also donate to the Montego Bay Animal Haven, you may do so here